Quad Tournaments

Darfield High School, Ellesmere College, Geraldine High School, and Mt Hutt College

Rotate around the schools so each school will hold at least one event per year:

  • Winter – Senior Y11-13 – Football 1st XI, Basketball 3×3, Rugby 1st XV, Senior A Netball
  • Winter – Mid – Y9-10 – Football, Basketball 3×3, Rugby U15, Netball
  • Winter – Junior Y7-8 – Football, Rugby, Netball Junior A and B
  • Summer – Junior Y7-8 – Touch, Cricket, Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee

Quad Hosting Roster

Year Junior Middle Senior Summer/BackUp
2021 Ellesmere Mt Hutt Geraldine Darfield
2022 Geraldine Darfield Ellesmere Mt Hutt
2023 Mt Hutt Geraldine Darfield Ellesmere
2024 Darfield Ellesmere Mt Hutt Geraldine
2025 Ellesmere Mt Hutt Geraldine Darfield