DHS Sport T1 Wk10 2023

April 10, 2023

To say it is been a busy term Sports wise is an understatement! Apologies for the lack of weekly articles, so now it’s time for a Recap of Term 1.

Where to start?

Week 10

Cross Country – Darfield High School Championships

Senior Boys
1st – Atsushi Masuda 21.22
2nd – James Cathcart 21.26
3rd – Cam Waters 22.01
4th – Mason Thompson 23.57
5th – Oscar Stevenson 25.15
6th – Daiki Okada – 32.48

Senior Girls
1st – Isla McPherson -22.07
2nd – Charlise Miller 24.53
3rd – Neve Molloy 29.05
4th – Emma Cunningham 30.3

Cross Country 2023 – Isla McPherson Senior Girls Champ — Image by: Sport Coordinator (Pip Deans)

U16 Boys
1st Jack Guy 21.35

U16 Girls
1st – Tia Miller 26.02
2nd – Hannah Molloy 29.03
3rd – Anna Mangels

U15 Boys
1st – Jack Molloy 14.55
2nd – Andrew Maultsaid 15.05
3rd – Riley Smith 17.05
4th – Lukas Anson 18.55
5th – Kohl Thompson-Small 19.17

U15 Girls
1st – Jamie Hunt 17.10
2nd – Liberty Lochore 18.19
3rd – Jasmine Harris 18.58
4th – Charlotte Cathcart 21.28
5th – Gemma Pankhurst 22.05

U14 Boys
1st Zac Walker 16.16
2nd – Finn Jennings 17.49
3rd – Dylan Morey 17.51
4th – Finley Tallentire 18.55
5th – Maxim Wright 19.18

U14 Girls
1st – Sasha Anson 18.08
2nd – Charli Maley – 18.20
3rd – Imogen Smith 19.18
4th – Taylor Wyatt 19.30
5th – Taylor Bristow 20.26

Cross Country – Finish Line — Image by: Sport Coordinator (Pip Deans)

U13 Boys
1st – Bentley Todd 17.16
2nd – Royden Butler
3rd – Isaac Hedgecock

U13 Girls
1st – Ashleigh Bromley 17.23
2nd – Skye Paterson 20.22
3rd – Tessa Bamford

Year 8 Boys
1st – Leon Tymons 15.23
2nd – Cade Stanbury 16.03
3rd – Lukas Lamborn 17.34
4th – Felix Gardner 17.58
5th – Sam Daly 18.25
6th – Manny Perkins 18.26
7th – Isaac Jones 18.32
8th – Lawrence Davis 18.54
9th – Tyler Robinson 19.16
10th – Reilly Smith 20.46
11th – Issac McCorkindale 20.40
12th – Zane Latchford 21.10
13th – Hayden Maultsaid 21.25
14th – Kane McKay 21.25

Year 8 Girls
1st – Isla Swords 16.19
2nd – Lilyana Cullen 17.17
3rd – Brooke Blacklock 17.19
4th – Libby Roberts 17.23
5th – Summer Gainsford 17.42
6th – Bobby Casey 18.33
7th – Ruby Tallentire 18.39
8th – Maggie Bull 19.03
9th – Brenna Rudman 19.12
10th – Anna Trustcott 19.27
11th – Isla Messerer 19.43
12th – Meg Wilson 20.00
13th – Max Cleaver 20.20
14th – Margot Ferguson 20.37 and Caroline McRae 20.37

Cross Country 2023 – Year 7 Boys — Image by: Sport Coordinator (Pip Deans)

Boys Year 7
1st – Jacob Morris 14.40
2nd – Riva Hulston 14.55
3rd – Ethan Page 16.24
4th – Evan Mangels 16.30
5th – Oliver Thompson Small 16.42
6th – Ben Morten 16.45 and Fynn Wyatt 16.45
8th – Alex McCulloch 17.15
9th – Benson McCorkindale 17.39
10th – Reece Taljaard 17.50
11th – Ben Molloy 17.51
12th – Arlo Gillanders 17.51

Girls Year 7
1st – Lulu Maley 15.34
2nd – Marlie McCaughan 16.23
3rd – Alicia Blacklock 17.43
4th – Saphia Ridgen 18.34
5th – Indy Paterson 19.13
6th – Maani Parsons Riley 19.18
7th – Lilly Oliver Albon 20.38
8th – Riley Leslie 20.39
9th – Maia Wakefield 20.49
10th – Addi Gardner 21.02 and Annalea Grant 21.02
12th – Adi Vercoe 21.04
13th – Faye Williams 21.47
14th Paige Thorpe 22.35

Cross Country Champs – Year 7 and 8 briefing — Image by: Sport Coordinator (Pip Deans)

Image by: Sport Coordinator (Pip Deans)

Equestrian – Dressage

DHS are the Canterbury Secondary Schools Dressage Champions 2023! What an awesome team effort! A young team with some first time competitors. Massive Congratulations to Katie Doncliff, Emy Wilson, Marnie Bell and Charli Maley. Thanks must go to Megan Evans for organising the event and getting the team together. Parent Helpers play an essential role in DHS being able to give our students these opportunities. So we take special note in thanking Lesley Whellans and Millie Wilson for their judging efforts and scribing and Nicola Maley, Team Manager.   A big effort by Nicola to make sure the team was well prepared and presented to a high standard. A fantastic achievement by the team!

Image by: Sport Coordinator (Pip Deans)

Darfield High School Senior Netball Teams Named

Congratulations to all the players – the trials this year were very strong.  Practices will be during School lunchtimes twice a week.  

Senior A – SuperNet Reserve Grade
Chole Cameron
Rory Perrin
Kirsty McCarthy-Dempsey
Jody McCarthy-Dempsey
Kate Hefferon
Kayla Holland
Isabele Tinirau Holt
Jessica Lal
Rachel McKenzie
Michaela Cameron

Coach – Lexi Sinclair Dockerill
Manager – Kimberly Sinclair Dockerill

Senior B – Senior B Grade
Holly Wilson
Bridget Moir
Anna Mangels
Ayla Abraham
Bella Knox
Grace McPhee
Greer Williams
Lani Atutolu
Taylah Weaver

Coach – Jaimee van Keulen
Manager – TBA

Year 9&10 Mixed – Mixed Grade
Tessa Dalley
Poppy Molloy
Chole Agnew
Mel Beatty
Brooke Olds
Kate Smedley
Brylee Holland
Riley Slaven
Jamie Hunt

Coach – TBA

Year 9 – Year 9 Grade
Georgia Hill
Sasha Anson
Maya Haley
Abigail Driscoll
Isla Smith-Fowler
Oceana Da Veiga
Daisy Mallinder-Scott
Kylah Bakalich
Mykiala Stronach
Zahra Vincent

Coach TBA

If anyone would like to help with coaching or accompanying the Year 9 and 10 teams on Wednesdays into Hagley, please contact Pip at sport@darfield.school.nz or Nicole at nr@darfield.school.nz

Calendar Raffle

This is our major Fundraiser for the year.  Thanks to everyone that took on the challenge to sell tickets – you are awesome.

We are about a third of the way through April, with some happy winners.  

Daily Winner can be found here

They are also displayed on our Sports Facebook Page

This year we sold 1800 tickets, not quite the 2000 we were aiming for but more than last year.  These funds are put directly back into supporting sport at DHS.

There was a competition amongst the students to see who could sell the most tickets…..

Topping 2023 with an very impressive 111 tickets sold was, Year 8 student Max Cleaver who receives $250
2nd $100 – Sonny Bill McAndrew – 85
3rd $50 – The Kelly Family – 60
4th $ 50 – Molly Macpherson – 50

Lucky drawn Ticket winners 4 drawn each receiving a $25 Canteen Voucher – Saphia Ridgen, Abbi Driscoll, Mel Beatty and Louis Ridgen.

Image by: Sport Coordinator (Pip Deans)

Selwyn Schools 1st XV Rugby Team Announced

This year we had three players seeking a spot in the team, Mason Thompson, Louis Ridgen and 1st time triallist,  Etienne Bourhill.  Training started in Mid January and the team was announced after the last trial game against Wakatipu College on Good Friday.

Congratulations to Mason and Louis for being named in the 30 players squad.  Unfortunately Etienne missed out this year but he will be an integral member of the Darfield High 1st XV. 

Other week 10 News

We are delighted to announce that Rachel McKenzie, Year 11, has been chosen to be part of the Canterbury Girls Youth team to Compete in the 2023 New Zealand Youth Ultimate Championships in Cambridge from 21 – 23 April.  This will be an awesome experience for Rachel, we wish her and team all the best.

Rhyan Manson is looking forward to attending an Outward Bound Programme in the holidays – this is an Adaptive Course for students with impairments and disabilities.  Rhyan willl take on eight days of outdoor adventure, spending time at the school in Anakiwa, and out amongst the bush, mountains and waterways of the Marlborough Sounds. Activities can include camping, sea journeys, water challenges, and height activities.

Thanks to ISport and Westpac and our awesome school whanau for your nominations to win some Rugby Balls for DHS.  We are thrilled to have 25 Red Rugby Balls coming our way just in time for the Rugby season.

Image by: Sport Coordinator (Pip Deans)