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Ngā Uara | Our Values

Our values have recently been developed and are taking shape. They complement each other to create a culture that you will enjoy and thrive in. 

Darfield High School
Darfield High School


 respect and care for others

Every person has mana and deserves respect. Everyone should feel welcome, safe and cared for as themselves

Darfield High School


 unite our community

Our diversity is our strength; we all bring different qualities to our community and can learn positively from each other.

With 750 students, 100 staff and over 1000  connected whānau, we have a network for support

Darfield High School


look after our future

We’re a farming community and farmers know that our actions now affect the generations to come. Learn how to be the respected ancestors of the future

Darfield High School


 become your best you

School life creates opportunities for people to learn and grow through their experiences; navigate your own path, equip yourself for take-off as the best version of you