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Sport at Darfield High School

All registrations for all codes can be found at https://www.sporty.co.nz/darfield

Sport plays a key role in the life of students at Darfield High School. Sport is an effective way to engage students and give them the values and characteristics that can be transferred into daily life and can also lead to better academic performance.

Our Sports department, with the support of our Leadership team, PE department, teachers, Sports Co-ordinator, and Student Sports Committee, is focusing on increasing participation and self-awareness across the school. We aim to help everyone achieve their potential and work towards being the best that they can be (Rangatiratanga).


Sports Opportunities

Sporting opportunities are open to any student that attends Darfield High School.  We offer a wide range of activities throughout the year.

Summer and Winter Sports Codes

Trials will be held prior to the Codes changing, there may be a crossover of winter/summer sports. TIC and coaches need to be aware of this and work together around trials, practices, and pre-season games.

Weekly competitions

Senior Students participate in organised weekly competitions – these sports are predominantly Winter Sports and are played on either a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday afternoon. Games are generally held at various venues in Christchurch. Students will leave school at about 2 pm and most games commence at 3.15 pm. Transport is arranged by the Sports Office and we encourage parents/guardians to help with transport from time to time especially if the school vehicles are not available. Parents can drive school vehicles on approval.

Students are encouraged to participate all year round in Winter and Summer Sports.

Extracurricular Activities

Sport is an extracurricular activity and not funded by the Ministry of Education. Darfield High School is committed to offering all students equal opportunities to take part in physical activities and we encourage and support staff and students to participate at all levels whether it be for companionship, pleasure, satisfaction, or excellence.

The majority of sporting activities and events will incur participation costs. This is unavoidable as we are in a rural area and may not have the proper facilities to accommodate play. More often events are organised at purpose built facilities. For group events that have large participation numbers, we might look at applying to Funding Organisations to help subside costs. The school does however pay all Associations affiliation fees.

At the beginning of each year, the school sends out a Google Doc to all students and parents to let us know what sports you are interested in.


The school has three vehicles available for use across all departments,  these are mostly used to transport sporting groups to their events.  There is a charge each time students use these vans to cover expenses and running costs.  For groups of over 11 students, we regularly hire buses, the total costs of this expense is distributed amongst the students using this service.  We encourage parents/guardians to help with transport from time to time.